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Yannick Willem arrived!

Take a look at our absolutely adorable little son:

Yannick Willem

Sunday afternoon my work was done, Yannick Willem Krämer arrived in this world at 16:25h GMT in Winchester in the UK. He was 10 days late, but is a perfect little man, and just about managed to stay an April baby. He weighed 3480 grammes and was 52 cm long.

He is doing fine but taking all of our time and energy at this point, so I won't be posting much nor be on Yahoo or mail. Many, many thanks for all of the congratulatory mails and presents that we received already!!! Please follow the link below to see a few first photos of our little face pulling wonder.

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  1. Gravatar1 Peter&Clare
    Posted 2 May 2006, 19:00. About 'Yannick Willem arrived!'.

    Whooo! Hoooo! a HUGE congratulations to all three of you. We are both so happy for you. He looks so sweet and adorable. Note the head of hair already!
    Lots of love Peter and Clare.

  2. Gravatar2 Steve (& Jen)
    Posted 2 May 2006, 19:00. About 'Yannick Willem arrived!'.

    WAHOO!!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Gravatar3 freeblueplanet
    Posted 2 May 2006, 21:00. About 'Yannick Willem arrived!'.

    CONGRATULATIONS for a really cute job done!!!!!

  4. Gravatar4 Yvonne
    Posted 3 May 2006, 12:00. About 'Yannick Willem arrived!'.

    Hi there,

    Yannick looks adorable! Congratulations and enjoy :)


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