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Three year olds…

… not sure what to think of them.

My child was so much easier to manage as a two year old. Before he could speak properly. Nowadays he finds new ways to send me over the edge every single day. The power of repetition, he's definitely cracked it. He also seems to cop on to the fact that being nice to people can earn you some brownie points. What did he say to me the other day? 'Mummy, you look pretty!' Then after a little pause: 'I am saying this because I love you!' Hm, what to make of this now? I'm sure the statement came out with the best of intentions but if he was a grown up, I would have smacked him! He also has learned how to charm the ladies at pre-school, he just takes their hands and leads them to the toy he wants to play with and they are chuffed by how sweet he is. But then their JOB is to play with him, so it's OK.

Pre-school and his new found confidence in English have definitely changed him. He can finally make himself understood (most of the time) and if over excitement doesn't get in the way, he's trying really hard to communicate his play ideas to other children. He's actually using German grammar in some English phrases, it sounds funny: 'I know that not' (I don't know). Unfortunately he's also joining in with all stupid loud and annoying games nowadays. He started to push a little for fun. Not so nice. And he ignores my 'NOOOOO's.

The good news is that he's finally properly out of nappies. We had a few bigger accidents in the first weeks but lately they get scarce and even the big toilet is not a show stopper any more. I don't even have to remind him all the time, he's quite a good judge of when to go.

To follow up on my last post, my eBay selling went well, I was happy with the result. However, we still haven't put together the remaining of our new Ikea shelves. I think I'll leave this to Frank for when Yannick and I will be in Germany. We are going there for three weeks and he can have all the fun with about 10,000 screws and other bits!

Oh, finally, here a recent drawing that Yannick did. And don't tell me you can't see what it is!

Yannick\'s train with tender

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