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Hm, how can I describe myself best? Especially as everything has changed dramatically over the last months? What defines my life?

Until the end of 2005 I was a supervisor in a software company in Dublin, Ireland, leading a team of web developers and translators. That activity used to rule most of my thinking time during the day and I absolutely loved it. However, in August 2005 I found out that I was pregnant, Frank had applied for a new job in the UK starting October 2005, in December 2005 I left my job, in January 2006 I moved countries and in April 2006 I had a child. By now I have got used to being a full-time mum who has little time for housewife tasks.

If you are curious, find out more about my life and the countries where I used to live.

Why am I running this Web site?

First of all I love all things computers, especially the creation of web pages. So I have always been using this site primarily as an amusement for myself, trying out various things. In addition to that, I have moved many times from country to country in Europe, mainly for my work. This means I have a number of friends who live in many different countries. The Web site turned out to be a great help keeping them up-to-date on my life. I am not a great email writer and I also don't like using the phone or internet messaging all the time, so this is an alternative way to express myself to them. So there you have it, this is probably mainly a vanity site.

Why is this Web site in English and not German, my native language?

Quite simple: so that as many people as possible can read it. I know that some of my German friends struggle a little bit with this, but I have more friends who do not know any German, than friends who cannot read English at all.

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