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Our baby

As you probably know by now, Frank and I had a baby boy called Yannick Willem Krämer on 30 April 2006!

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

To make things easier for curious visitors I have created this page that gives you links to all information that is available on SylkeWeb and related sites.

  • Posts that are related to being a parent to Yannick can be found via the Parenthood category in the blog.
  • Photos of Yannick (including pregnancy pictures of my growing belly) are available in the Yannick photo album in the Photo Gallery. To see older images please contact me as you will need a login.
  • Movies showing Yannick are available via my YouTube channel. To see the movies please contact me (they are private).
  • And finally, all pregnancy posts are in the Pregnancy category in the blog.

My very first 'picture' of Yannick:

Ultrasound scan of our baby!

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