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Quinces, chillies and eating in general

I've been busy, I made quince jelly! I love that stuff as it is not as sweet as jam or even marmelade. Unfortunately I've got only about three and a half jars… One of them made me laugh as it set so quickly that the jelly got stuck to the lid:

Wonderful quince jelly

We've finally also cut off all the red chillies which now will have to be dried. Here you can see Yannick's chubby fingers holding one for the camera:

Chillies from our garden

The varieties are called 'Ring of fire' and 'Cherry bomb'. Have a guess which one is which. I am wondering whether the few remaining green chillies will also manage to become red or whether I should rather cut them off as well. Any advice?

As I've already mentioned on facebook, Yannick surprised me by suddenly wanting olives on bread. He must have overheard a conversation with my of my friends who is a vegan. I dug out some tapenade (with sundried tomatoes) and ever since that's what Yannick is having at least once a day, usually for breakfast. Until recently he actually wouldn't touch olives at all. Weird world.

Yesterday he surprised me again. At lunch time I was preparing rice with chicken breast in tomato sauce with peas. He usually has the meat and not much else nowadays. Yesterday he said he didn't want chicken and ate copious amounts of rice with tomato sauce and peas! He hadn't touched peas in months! After a while he also had a little chicken but this behaviour was definitely quite different! I wonder is he turning vegetarian? Maybe so, as he keeps asking me what is animal and what is plant: 'are courgettes animals?' 'Now, sweetie, what do you think, you've seen them grow in the garden!'

Eating with Yannick

It's funny but dry runs really work to kindle an interest in unknown/previously disliked foods.

At Christmas time Yannick got a little cooker/oven unit which was accompanied by some plastic food:

  • a burger bun
  • hot dog sausages with rolls
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • a burger
  • a lettuce leaf
  • a sunny side up egg
  • corn on the cob
  • tomato slices
  • a chicken thigh

Some of these items he had never seen in his life, for example a sunny side up egg or a burger. We also don't eat corn. However, he loves cooking, frying and baking all of these items.

Inspired by this I thought I could include him a little more in our real food preparation and he loves that.

Before the cooker, Yannick would only eat egg as omelette. I had tried scrambled egg and hard boiled egg but he wouldn't touch either of them. So after seeing him play, for the first time I made a sunny side egg and I gave him strips of toast to dip into the yolk. He LOVED it.

Today I thought I show him several incarnations of egg. We did a sunny side up once again, a normal breakfast egg (5 minutes) and a hard boiled one. As expected only the sunny side up one was excepted. I showed him the soft yolk of the five minutes egg and he finally accepted some of that – but only poured over his almost finished sunny side up egg. The hard boiled egg became only interesting after I put some sauce over it (in Germany we eat those with something similar to tartar sauce), but by that time he was too full already to appreciate it.

From the other plastic food items we have only had hot dog sausages which are like Frankfurters and he loves those. I already knew that broccoli wasn't going to be a big hit even though he loves serving his plastic broccoli. But at least he would try it again after playing with it.

I will have to try cauliflower cheese again, last time it was 'so so' with him. About corn I'm not sure as I don't like it too much and I think Yannick wasn't too keen on it either when he had it somewhere else recently.

And guess what, my child doesn't like baked beans too much. Just like Frank and I.

Things he loves:

  • Cucumber.
  • Apples. Sometimes kiwi. He used to like pears, have to try those again.
  • Porridge with banana.
  • Fruit purées.
  • Rye-bread, crispy bread rolls, or toast with cheese, salami or paté.
  • Camembert/brie.
  • Sandwiches with salmon, prawns or cheese.
  • Pasta/tortellini/ravioli with red or green pesto and crème fraîche.
  • Pasta with smoked salmon (or prawns), courgette, and dill in crème fraîche.
  • Rice with chicken in sauce hollandaise and if I'm lucky some veggies in there (mushrooms/courgette).
  • Rice with braising steak and super sauce (with puréed carrots and red wine!).
  • Rice with left over super sauce and chicken meat (marinated in soy sauce).
  • Pizza.
  • Fish fingers.
  • Chocolate, biscuits with chocolate – but not cake (in general)!
  • Smarties and milk chocolate buttons.
  • Yoghurts and fromage frais.
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Want to be grossed out?

I found this in the Cosmic Buddha blog:

Eating Mickey (or, how I overcame one of my last food prejudices)

Don't read if you are a vegetarian or very squeamish. I found the first photos hilarious and the result quite interesting to be honest.

Yum yum.

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Feeding Yannick

If I only would have known about baby led weaning before I started with this whole weaning lark…!

First of all I started to early, but I knew that. The recommendation is to nurse a baby until they are six months old. At about four months my little boy was still so hungry all the time that I couldn't take it any more. He was still eating/drinking (whatever you would like to call it) every 60 minutes. That's very frequent at that age. And of course not only during the day but also during the night. Combine that with a recent move into a new home and guess how stressed I felt. So I decided to ignore the guidelines and do what mothers always did, listen to my inner voice. Yannick took to purées instantly. At some point I thought he would get a food orgasm, so much mmmhing and hmmming was going on! It actually seemed like he didn't know at all the feeling of being full, he would just eat and eat until the food wouldn't go down any more and come back up. After a couple of experiences like that, both of us knew when he was full enough. He would still drink a lot from me, but the time in-between got longer, more like 90 minutes. Already a relief. And at night-time I got longer breaks too. Finally my baby started to look a bit chubbier and he was so happy!

Yannick eating his bowl  

In early December I was thinking about introducing lumps into his food and also started reading about baby led weaning which sounded very interesting. That's when the teething got into our way.

The two lower teeth which appeared in October were OK, but the two upper ones that finally came out in January really were a killer. My little man ran a temperature and didn't want to eat anything at all, not even the carrot, potato, and butternut squash purées that aunt Elke lovingly made for him. On the opposite he seemed to loathe them. The only thing he would accept was a stick of uncooked fridge cold carrot to suck on and, of course, my boobs – as often as possible. Whatever food I prepared, and I tried to give him variety, he simply refused it. Very disappointing.

Eventually I decided to give up on the vegetable purées and only to offer parts of our food as fingerfood, as there was no point in preparing all this extra stuff if he wouldn't eat it. To be honest I didn't find the purées very appetizing in the first place so the idea of giving a baby the food we are eating is much more appealing. So far Yannick has taken to toast with butter and also German rye bread with butter and soft cream cheese. Basmati rice and peas in curry sauce are a savoury favourite. He had a nibble on bits of pork and chicken meat, ate prawns and trout, tried cooked carrot, mange tout, green beans, mushrooms, omelette, and some other stuff, but those are usually eaten only in minute portions. He also likes smoked salmon, fancy that. His favourite fruit seems to be apple and banana. If I would be a true baby led weaning follower I wouldn't give Yannick any puréed or mashed stuff at all, but as I know that he needs the calories I give him some baby porridge with cooked apple and pear compote in the morning (after the toast), some organic yoghurt with red fruit compote at lunch time (after bread or omelette), and baby rice with some other fruit compote in the evening (after the savoury food). His favourite fruit compote is blueberry with vanilla. Sometimes we have to use two to three spoons as he wants to get involved and at other times he lets me actually feed him without too much interruption – as long as the yummy fruit is coming in!

It's so nice to see Yannick try all kind of things. Sometimes his face shows clearly that something is disgusting at first, but he tries again and then it's usually not so bad or even surprisingly good as in the case of the smoked salmon. I just wish that I introduced the real food so much earlier!!!

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Exquisite Chocolates

I am a chocolate snob.

Buy me any Cadbury's 'chocolates' or most other British brands and I'll be offended. They either don't taste like chocolate at all or they are far too sweet. Disgusting actually. Same with Hershey in the US. Well, that's my personal opinion at least. I am not too keen on Belgian style chocolates either, even though they seem to have a good reputation. Mostly I've been eating Lindt as that is available in most countries. In Holland I loved a box I could get in a supermarket chain (Albert Hein), which contained 'Biologische Bonbons' (organic chocolates) – they were fantastic. Other than that truffles are usually quite good when bought in little chocolate speciality shops.

About a month ago I discovered something new. British out of all things! It's called Hotel Chocolat – and they make wonderful chocolates!!! As much as I hate doing free advertisements, but their stuff is delicious. They work with chocolatiers from all kinds of countries who have their chocolate creations tested by subscribers in a monthly selection. Of course I subscribed: once every month I am now in chocolate heaven!

Yum yum yum.

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Obsessed with fruit

Ever since I'm pregnant I have been eating loads of fruits – I can eat those all the time, even when I don't feel like eating at all. My favourites are nectarines, grapes, pears, and kiwis. So far I would have bought about 3 baskets of different kinds of fruit to last me for a week, but today I bought:

  • 8 peaches
  • 7 pears
  • 20 clementines
  • 14 plums
  • 6 kiwis

I am not sure how quickly my body thinks I can eat all of this, but it definitely wanted all of these! Normally this would be about how much fruit I eat over the year…

In addition to those things, I am also still working my way through my home crop of big tomatoes. Yummy too!

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In the very tight grip of my stomach

Any tighter and it will strangle me!

This morning I woke up at 7:30h (on a Sunday!) only to find my tummy screaming for food. This is getting ridiculous. I already told you that I need to eat very regularly since I am pregnant, but so far that was in the hours between having to get up and going to bed – now it's stretching into sleeping time. I feel harrassed.

Before this I used to eat 2.5 times a day: a small breakfast, a warm meal at lunch time at work, and in the evening either bread with cheese or sausage or a cooked dinner. That was always enough, I only occasionally yearned for something extra.

Now it starts even before getting up, having some snack to give me quick energy, then it has to be a slightly larger breakfast than before and also of course a good lunch. That's already three times food (ok, 2.5 times). Then in the afternoon I need another snack of fruit and some chocolate and in the evening another proper meal to stop my stomach from waking me up in the middle of the night (let's say at 4:00h). That's at least 5 portions of food over the day.

This eating business is taking a lot of time as I want some proper food too. I feel my whole day circles around food, food, food. On top of that I only feel hunger – but no real appetite. For me hunger means the nagging feeling in my belly that tells me that I need to eat; appetite, however, is when I am not necessarily that hungry but really want to eat as I feel the food is giving me something else beyond filling my stomach. At the moment that is gone, I don't enjoy eating – all I get is the slightly sick feeling that I guess most pregnant women experience. Who wants to eat when you feel sick??? So my portions tend to be small, and guess what that leads to? Feeling hungry very soon again. Grmpf.

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Atkins diet company filed bankruptcy

This was on the radio both when I went into work today and on my way back home. It seems to be a big thing. Is it really? OK, those people who have been let go have a big impact on their lives. Other than that? No. We've seen so many special diets being in the news over the last decades and all of them seem to go out of fashion after a while. Why? Because people don't want to diet. They want to eat whatever they like and as much as they like of that. Naturally.

I've never been a friend of diets, but for completely different reasons. (more…)

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