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13 responses to 'Contact me!'.

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  1. Gravatar1 Sylke
    Posted 29 August 2005, 14:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Hey Sylke,

    I just found your website and it is funny what you found out about the name Sylke – as it is also my name.
    This year I was in China and a very nice girl, which I met in Shanghai, wrote recently to me the Chinese explanation of “our” name and I thought it would be of interest for you.
    My last name is “auf dem Graben” – just for you to understand how she has put together the Chinese name.

    Zena wrote:
    Aftering thinking hard for a long time, i finally come up with a beautiful
    chinese name for you — 高君淼.The promunciation is Gau Jun Miau. Do you
    still remember the four tones I told you? :) The first and second character
    pronounces in the level tone and the third pronounces in the tone that
    first down and then up. 高 comes from “Graben” in your name, and it is also a common family name in China. 君has the meaning of elegance,
    righteousness, respect and honor. The primary meaning of 淼 is the vast area of water. Water has been the symbol of the combination of softness and firmness. Sylke sounds similar to silk and represents softness. Graben, I looked up in the german dictionary but maybe not very accurate, means the tunnels for battle, so it can represent firmness to some extent. That’s why I choose 淼 to fit them both.
    I also got a name for you, according to the pronunciation of name. 诗伊嘉, pronounce as Schi Yi Jia. The three character all have the
    meaning of beautiful, elegent and kind.

  2. Gravatar2 Deborah Loughran
    Posted 24 March 2006, 17:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Great blog! I wish I had as much going on!

  3. Gravatar3 Yvonne
    Posted 25 April 2006, 16:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Hi there,

    I was thinking of you today and figured I’d drop you a quick line. I hear you’re still waiting on the little one to be born. I’m keeping fingers crossed that all goes well and that a healthy baby will be joining this world soon :-)

    Keep us posted on any progress!

    Greetings from Dublin,

  4. Gravatar4 Mara
    Posted 1 May 2006, 23:00. About 'Contact me!'.


    FELICIDADES!!! I am so happy for you, and for the little one, finally he decided to join us in the outside world, can’t wait to see some pictures :) .

    Chat with you soon in Yahoo, can’t wait to hear how it was, and you are feeling now, I am sure you are the happiest mommy in the world.

    Kissed, and big hug,
    Mara :)

  5. Gravatar5 Kirstie
    Posted 2 May 2006, 9:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Hi Sylke and Frank!

    Congratulations on the birth of Yannick! (Great name!)
    Good luck with the first few weeks!

    Best Rgds,


  6. Gravatar6 Michele Griffin
    Posted 3 May 2006, 11:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Sylke, Frank,

    Congratulations! He’s completely gorgeous & a lovely name. Wishing you not too many sleepless nights in the coming weeks. Take care,


  7. Gravatar7 James & Kirstin Stevenson
    Posted 11 May 2006, 6:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Hello Sylke & Frank!

    Congrats on the new addition to your family!

    Take Care xx

    James (from Teletubby bunker)

  8. Gravatar8 Christian
    Posted 14 May 2006, 19:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Hi Ihr beiden. Glückwunsch zu Eurem Nachwuchs! Habe meinen monatlichen Blick auf Eure Homepage geworfen und … sehe Euch als stolze Eltern :o ) Hoffe, es ist so wie Ihr es Euch vorgestellt habt (oder sind die Nächte doch schlimmer?) :o ) Hatte gehofft, von Frank ein Lebenszeichen als Antwort auf meine emails zu bekommen, aber Bernd und ich dachten uns, dass Ihr zwei den Kopf (und die Hände) voll habt. Schickt mir mal eine gültige Tel.Nummer (Handy und Festnetz), dann können wir etwas ausführlicher reden :o ) Bis dahin … nicht die Nerven verlieren und bringt dem Kind nicht so viel Blödsinn bei :o )

  9. Gravatar9 Axel
    Posted 12 July 2006, 7:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Hi Ihr zwei…
    Die Webseite ist sehr schoen. Gratulation fuer den Wonneproppen. Auf den Fotos sieht er soooo ieib aus, aber wenn man so liest was Ihr veranstalten muesst, na denn gute Nacht. :-)

    Ne aber ernsthaft, habt Ihr supi hinbekommen und es werden auch bessere Zeiten kommen :-) Ich werde mir mal ein langes WE nehmen und Euch dann mal besuchen kommen.

    OKI… muss jetzt mal wieder was tun. Liebe Gruesse aus Dublin und bis die Tage mal.


  10. Gravatar10 Betty
    Posted 18 July 2006, 13:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Hi Sylke, Frank

    Did not get a chance to congratulate you on the new born yet…so here Congratulations ;-)
    Hope your pain is fading away day after day but I’m sure the pleasure he is giving you are above any pain.

    See you…

  11. Gravatar11 freeblueplanet
    Posted 3 April 2007, 5:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Hoi Sylke,

    Finally I got the time to catch up with you through your website and your pictures, Yannick is growing so fast, he is so cute, he is very lucky having both of you as parent, how cool that is? ;) .

    I am very happy to see you enjoying motherhood.

    Talk to you very soon,
    Mara :)

  12. Gravatar12 datastyle
    Posted 19 February 2009, 22:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Love your blog! Came across it whilst searching for great broadband deals. The great Talk Talk static IP lie came up, and I just knew you’d suffered as much as me!

  13. Gravatar13 Sylke
    Posted 19 February 2009, 22:00. About 'Contact me!'.

    Yes, those bastards! *manic look*
    Thank you!

    @everybody else here:
    Thank you everybody else on this page too – I believe there is a number of people here who I never wrote back to. Shame on me. My only excuse is that I was so busy with Yannick…

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