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PhotosIn another life I would have liked to become a photographer. Digital cameras are a wonderful thing as they allow me to take photos without having to wait for development: straight onto the computer!

The big downside with digital photography is that it is very difficult to stop myself from taking loads of photos. In the end I only like about 75% and I absolutely hate to delete the others… I guess I am bit of a collector at heart. The end result is that I have far too many photos from every trip and party.

Pre-Gallery albums

Before I set up the Photo Gallery, I used to create my own photo album pages. This was very time consuming. As there were plenty of albums already, I have not moved all of them into the Photo Gallery, so find below the links to the old items:

Berlin, Germany

(December 2004)
Trip to Carlingford, Ireland

(November 2004)
Sweden Holiday
Holiday in Sweden

(July 2004)
20 Year School Reunion / Abitur 84

(June 2004)
20 Year School Reunion
US West Coast
Trip to the US west coast

(May 2004)
Seeing some of Ireland

(April 2004)
Howth with Megan 2003
Holiday on Madeira, Portugal

(October 2003)
Oregon coast
Stay in Oregon, USA

(February 2003)
Holiday in
Cape Town,
South Africa

(March 2002)
South Africa
Halloween Party
Halloween Party, Leiden,

(November 2001)
Holiday on Crete,

(October 2001)

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