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Gravatarsolveig on Taking Agnus Castus to do away with PMS…
Sent in: 11 February 2010

Hey Sylke

I have sent you a ‘sunshine award’ from my blog – hope it makes you smile!

S x

GravatarSteve H. on Notes on Yannick’s bilingualism
Sent in: 20 October 2009

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

GravatarSylke on A crying boy at the swimming pool
Sent in: 14 August 2009

I can only recommend the courses! The teachers use all kinds of props but no armbands so the children really get more comfortable around the water and understand how it feels without any aids. Despite the initial crying Yannick enjoyed this loads!

Gravatarsolveig on A bilingual child
Sent in: 13 August 2009

That’s really interesting. I wish I could speak another language and could teach Freyja and Theo another language. Both my parents are bilingual – by dad speaks Icelandic and my mum speaks Welsh – but, for various reasons, they didn’t teach us when we were young. Keep thinking I might take lessons in French as that’s the only language I’d have any chance of speaking with any kind of confidence…if I ever find the time!

S x

Gravatarsolveig on A crying boy at the swimming pool
Sent in: 13 August 2009

Oooooh, well done Yannick! I keep meaning to book Freyja in for swimming – or at least take her to the pool sometimes. She used to be quite scared of the water, but then last summer she started really enjoying it (my parents have a pool in their place in France and where they live in Dubai so she has swum a lot while on holiday) and now she is really brave, but only with her armbands on. I’d like her to start learning to swim properly as well and really need to take her when we’re at home as well as on holiday.

Hope it goes well!

GravatarSteve H. on Growth spurt?
Sent in: 1 June 2009

We have an informal rule in our house that the one-word question, “Why?” isn’t allowed. You have to ask a complete, meaningful question if you want a complete, meaningful answer. May seem kind of harsh, but it really makes them work on forming REAL questions and helps curb the endless strings of why-why-why questions we love so dearly.

GravatarSylke on Brave boy
Sent in: 7 May 2009

Yes, isn’t that just great, all those pictures you get all of a sudden?

Yannick also said a couple of times that he didn’t want to go – but only because he was in the middle of something. Once I reminded him of all the toys in pre-school he changed his mind immediately.

Thank you, Solveig! :) )

Gravatarsolveig on Brave boy
Sent in: 4 May 2009

I think it is a really big step. Freyja started pre-school in January, and she has been used to being with her childminder a few days a week since she was a year old, but she still found the step up to pre-school, where there are more children and it is less of a ‘home-from-home’ setting, quite daunting. Even now she sometimes says she doesn’t want to go! But she always loves it when she is there and I look forward to the paintings and little things she has made that she brings home afterwards!

Well done to Yannick! (and to you!)

GravatarSylke on I’ve had it
Sent in: 13 March 2009

LOL, literally! :P

GravatarSteve H. on I’ve had it
Sent in: 13 March 2009

Yep. Same here. Sick of it.

GravatarSylke on Contact me!
Sent in: 19 February 2009

Yes, those bastards! *manic look*
Thank you!

@everybody else here:
Thank you everybody else on this page too – I believe there is a number of people here who I never wrote back to. Shame on me. My only excuse is that I was so busy with Yannick…

GravatarSylke on How do you explain a period to a two year old?
Sent in: 19 February 2009

LOL, those are unapproved in my house in the morning! :) But yes, would I have been a bit more awake I could have thought of something similar.

Gravatardatastyle on Contact me!
Sent in: 19 February 2009

Love your blog! Came across it whilst searching for great broadband deals. The great Talk Talk static IP lie came up, and I just knew you’d suffered as much as me!

Gravatardatastyle on How do you explain a period to a two year old?
Sent in: 19 February 2009

Putting on a Power Rangers video or producing a bag of sweets normally wipes out the memory of the current conversation of our three year old.

GravatarSylke on How do you explain a period to a two year old?
Sent in: 7 February 2009

It was in the morning. I’m not a morning person and my brain just wasn’t functioning properly. Maybe I could have thought of better ways to cut that conversation short later in the day… But it was very funny to see his confused face. :)

GravatarSteve H. on How do you explain a period to a two year old?
Sent in: 7 February 2009

Wow… you really walked yourself into that one! LOL!

GravatarSylke on Winter memory
Sent in: 26 January 2009

My mum told me over Christmas how we got home – by taking a taxi! I still don’t remember much about all of that…

Gravataranke on WTF, changed internet service provider…
Sent in: 14 November 2008

ah, so that was wat was going on. I figured it must be something like that.
Super annoying those things.

Gravatarniknak on Strange week
Sent in: 30 October 2008

The only way we get Lucien to the doctor or to take medicine is to bribe him with ice lollies..sigh..(shamefully, yes I’m one of those mom’s..) As for prawns we introduced them on Sunday night and he was pretty gutsy with them, not muvh left for me and Stan :)

GravatarSylke on Strange week
Sent in: 13 October 2008

Yep, it happens anyway! I didn’t try too hard to get veggies into Yannick as I thought the more of a fuss I make the harder it will get. I only made sure he’d have his bit of fruit every day. Now he’s having his veggies without a problem and I don’t have to fret anymore! :)
(And yes, I thought about a doctor’s kit. Have to look into that.)

Gravataranke on Strange week
Sent in: 13 October 2008

haha, again I recognise a lot. Mickael still does not like the doctor very much, and still does not want to open his mouth. The rest is ok now. Have you thought about giving him a doctors kit to play with? Great that he is feeling better now. Funny about the prawns, I cannot get Mickael to eat prawns but he absolutely loves spinach. So much even that I cook it every time I know he is tired or not feeling well, that way I know he’ll eat;-). Those sudden changes are great, aren’t they? They make you wonder why you tried so hard before, it happens anyway.

GravatarSylke on What's up with me?
Sent in: 24 September 2008

I copied the text into the comment as I got this as a response from Anke via Yahoo and it resonated with me, especially this part:
Do you want to work to get out of the house, do you want to work to use your brain?
I was thinking about this too and at first I thought, I only want a job to earn some more much needed money, so it doesn’t really matter what kind of job it is. However, after thinking about this for a little while I believe that I actually would like a job where I could use my problems solving abilities too, not just my attention to detail (like in a data entry role). So it has to be something for my brain, at least partly. I’d also rather get out of the house if possible and work with other people than on my own – at least some of the time. Only working on my own at home would be a bit boring.

Gravataranke on What's up with me?
Sent in: 24 September 2008

ha, it works ;-)
Chris mentioned that he saw your updated profile on LinkedIn.

Added by Sylke from a Yahoo conversation with Anke:
haha, just read your blog entry. It sounds very familiar.
First: you think you will have a lot of free time when he goes to preschool, but the first time(s) it is just weird not having him around and time flies. I’ve got Mickael at home today, teacher is ill, and although I like having him around, I cannot do what I planned on doing (studying).
The thoughts about what kind of job to go for are also very familiar. You still have at least a year to figure that out (I’m assuming you are not planning on going to work full time as soon as Yannick is in kindergarten and leave him with a nanny or at a crèche for the rest of the time). I don’t think I want to go back to a supervisory role (too much responsibility), but I don’t know if I could just be an ordinary team member either.
Do you want to work to get out of the house, do you want to work to use your brain? It is hard to decide.
So far I’m happy with my days, I work in the morning, study in the afternoon (well most days anyway), I have time for my hobbies, I’m there for Mickael if he needs me.. etc

GravatarSteve H. on What's up with me?
Sent in: 22 September 2008

Can’t really offer any advice on the professional side of things, but I did send you an invite on LinkedIn!

Love the new header graphic, btw.

GravatarSylke on Deserted – or so it feels
Sent in: 21 September 2008

Oh yes, it was only Sunday and Monday that he was really poorly. Now it’s just the snotty nose and that one is nearly gone. About time, I’m fed up with my clothes getting snot streaks from hugging attacks! :)

Gravatarcbuddha on Deserted – or so it feels
Sent in: 20 September 2008

Hope Yannick’s already feeling better!

GravatarSylke on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 13 September 2008

Aaah, bloody lurkers!!! :P
Re the WordPress version I’ve tried before to talk to my network admin here at home but to no avail. He has his reasons apparently… And I can’t use the plugins I want to use. :(
Oh, yes, the name is Sylke, not Slyke. LOL. Why do people always turn around the Y and the L???
Thanks, James! :)

GravatarJames on Webbed toes (or culture clash)
Sent in: 13 September 2008

No doubt about it Sylke… Brits are extremely squeamish/prudish about body bits, and yet at the same time apparently obsessed with trying to look like pin-up airbrush magazine girls/boys. All quite bizarre when you step back and look at the population of the UK and realize that they’re (we’re) getting short and fat while doing little about it from a dietary or lifestyle perspective. Unfortunately I suspect that there is little hope for our generation, but we’ve got to get the kids to wise up.

GravatarJames on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 13 September 2008

You’re well read Slyke, no need to worry about that. We’re all just too lazy/busy to be anything but lurkers!

PS. You need to update your WordPress version… 2.62′s the new thing! :-)

GravatarSylke on Webbed toes (or culture clash)
Sent in: 11 September 2008

LOL, I don’t have webbed toes…! And neither does my friend. I’ve seen photos, I know what they look like. Not like my feet. Thank you, Steve! :P
In any case, Tricia Helfer would be interesting company I think! I love Battlestar Galactica! :)

GravatarSteve H. on Webbed toes (or culture clash)
Sent in: 11 September 2008

Apparently, you share this condition with such famous people as Dan Aykroyd, Ashton Kutcher, Tricia Helfer (“Six” on the new Battlestar Galactica) and… Joseph Stalin! Hmmm, interesting company!

GravatarSylke on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 10 September 2008

I don’t know about the entertainment value (hihi, thinking of some of the topics) but thank you, thank you, thank you, oh mother of two! :)

Gravatarniknak on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 10 September 2008

hey babe, please dont stop the blog, it’s very entertaining and it’s great to know what’s going on in your life :)

GravatarSylke on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 9 September 2008

Aww, sweetie, so good to see a comment from you too! :)

GravatarIrie on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 9 September 2008

I’m registered now too… I always read and enjoy! :)

GravatarSylke on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 3 September 2008

Yay, thank you, Solveig! :)

Gravatarsolveig on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 3 September 2008

I read your blog, Sylke!

S x

GravatarSylke on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 3 September 2008

Yippee – Steve, you made me feel better about a hundred times!!! :)

GravatarSteve H. on Anybody out there?
Sent in: 3 September 2008

Don’t quit! I know how you feel, and I certainly do appreciate your occasional comment on our blog. So, now I’m registered on SylkeWeb, and I’ll try to return the favor!

GravatarSylkeWeb » HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YANNICK! on Baby, speak to me!
Sent in: 13 February 2008

[...] Has started to make more sounds: in addition to ‘lah’, ‘mmmh’, ‘baba’ and ‘bvvv’, we now have ‘yaya’ and ‘vava’. I am trying to teach him to say ‘mama’ but no luck so far. [...]

GravatarSylkeWeb » HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YANNICK! on Yannick loves the moon
Sent in: 13 February 2008

[...] Admired the moon. [...]

GravatarSylkeWeb » HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YANNICK! on Six months with Yannick!
Sent in: 13 February 2008

[...] Six months have passed since I did my last progress report, so here are some things Yannick did over these last months: [...]

Gravatarrobunited on Disorientated
Sent in: 1 February 2008

Hi Sylke,

Good you guys enjoyed the trip back to Germany. Also great to see Janik is doing great.

Funny you mention the cable cut in front of your house.

Yesterday, someone cut a large cable submarine cable in the Mediterranean sea (I spellchecked that word:-) and the whole of the Emirates has been cut off from the phone & internet lines :-)
It’s getting better now, but still many Hitches & Glitches.



GravatarSylke on Sleep please
Sent in: 31 January 2008

I am soooo looking forward to those days!!! LOL – there’ll probably some other stuff then that’ll keep us very awake!

Gravatarsolveig on Sleep please
Sent in: 31 January 2008

When ever I am going through a bad patch with sleep stuff I always remind myself that this time is such a small part of our lives and that when our children have grown into horrible teenagers we will long for the days when they needed us to go in a soothe them back to sleep again!!

GravatarSylke on Sleep please
Sent in: 29 January 2008

Thank you!
Part of the problem is our sleeping arrangement (still co-sleeping) and that I am a TFW. Despite my troubles I think it would upset Yannick too much at this time to stop these things and would probably lead to more upset than I have to cope with myself. As I said on good nights it’s quite ok and Yannick goes back to sleep within a few minutes too. And the stuffy nose problems seems to have got a little less than it used to be – touch wood!
I tried telling him that he should try to go on sleeping without my help, but then he wakes up saying ‘no, no, no’ and gets agitated and sounds very, very sad. I will keep trying to encourage him to go without and also to get him more attached to a cuddly toy. At some point he will either outgrow his current behaviour or it will be much either to stop as he can be talked to. We’ll see! :)

Gravatarsolveig on Sleep please
Sent in: 29 January 2008

You poor thing – it is so horrible coping with sleep deprivation at the best of times, never mind when you are sick.

I don’t have it bad as you in the sleep stakes, but Freyja rarely sleeps right through either – I’m usually in once or twice, only for a second or 2, but it still disturbs the night.

I don’t think you can really tackle it when they aren’t well, anyway.

I have started leaving Freyja slightly longer than I used to when she wakes before I go to her (I used to be in within seconds!) and often she does go back to sleep by herself. But not always! Also, now she is older, I can say to her after a few visits that ‘mummy won’t be coming in again because she has to sleep too’ – surprisingly, it often works, but that has been quite a recent development. If all else fails, I bring her into bed with me!!

Gravatarsolveig on Disorientated
Sent in: 4 January 2008

Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful 2008!! S x

Gravatarsolveig on Back to his old tricks
Sent in: 19 December 2007

Ah well. At least you know now that he can do it! x

Gravatarsolveig on Nine and a half hours!
Sent in: 19 December 2007

Wow! That is great.

Freyja doesn’t sleep through all that often so you are not alone. She is brilliant at actually going to bed but she usually wakes up at least once in the night. Luckily it only takes a quick visit to settle her back down. She didn’t sleep through at all until she was 10 months and we used to have trouble getting her down in the first place and she used to wake up much more and for longer – so I am happy to settle for what we have now! She loves getting into her cot for bedtime now, it’s really sweet!

GravatarSylke on Ups and downs
Sent in: 20 September 2007

Took us five days but we are back to normal now, thank you! :)

Gravatarsolveig on Ups and downs
Sent in: 20 September 2007

It’s horrible when they are sick – they don’t really understand what is happening. Hope you are all better now.

Gravatarsolveig on Life is so unfair
Sent in: 20 September 2007

Freyja mastered Dada before Mama too. Very unfair! But now she uses them both and if she makes a mistake its to call Adrian Mama – she never accidentally calls me Dada.

She also often calls me Mum, which I find quite funny!

Gravatarsolveig on And off he goes
Sent in: 14 August 2007

Yeah! Congratulations, Yannick!

GravatarSylke on Premolars
Sent in: 1 June 2007

That sounds exactly like Yannick…! Poor Freyja!
Last night we had to resort to give some ibuprofen on top of the paracetamol and then Yannick slept for 6 hours in one go for the first time ever. :)

Gravatarsolveig on Premolars
Sent in: 1 June 2007

Freyja has 12 teeth now and most have been generally okay – the 4 molars at the back caused some distress, but not for too long. But I think she’s having real problems with the next ones, which I guess must be either canines or the next set of molars. It’s been going on and off now for what feels like months, with her crying and being grumpy and having swollen gums, but still no teeth have broken through!

Poor little things. I’ve also found that paracetamol is the only thing that really helps.

Hope he’s feeling better soon!

S x

GravatarSylke on One year ago…
Sent in: 22 April 2007

Thank you! Things here sometimes still feel like the eternity isn’t quite over yet, but all in all it is fantastic to see a child grow and thrive! :)

Gravatarsolveig on One year ago…
Sent in: 22 April 2007

A lovely post. I was very unprepared too for how things would change when Freyja arrived and found the first 2 months or so a real struggle as she was not the easiest newborn – she wouldn’t sleep much during the day and cried a lot in the evenings, and always, always wanted feeding! But I look back now and it seems that phase passed in the blink of an eye, though at the time it felt like an eternity.

Congratulations on nearing the end of your first year of motherhood – isn’t it wonderful?!

Gravatarsolveig on Off into toddlerhood
Sent in: 5 April 2007

Hello Sylke,

I’m glad you liked the post. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog too. Yannick is very sweet – it’s funny how different they all look, I think the hair has lot to do with it!

Freyja is still not walking – I think her few steps last weekend were just a tease! But she keeps showing me little glimpses of the girl she is becoming. It’s exciting (but makes me a little bit sad too…)!

Solveig x

Gravatarfreeblueplanet on Contact me!
Sent in: 3 April 2007

Hoi Sylke,

Finally I got the time to catch up with you through your website and your pictures, Yannick is growing so fast, he is so cute, he is very lucky having both of you as parent, how cool that is? ;) .

I am very happy to see you enjoying motherhood.

Talk to you very soon,
Mara :)

GravatarSylkeWeb » Off into toddlerhood on Baby, speak to me!
Sent in: 1 April 2007

[...] parenthood Categories: Parenthood    No responses yet to ‘Off into toddlerhood’. RSS feed for comments and pings are currently closed for ‘Off intotoddlerhood’. [...]

GravatarSylke on Wonderful world of teething
Sent in: 25 February 2007


GravatarRene_Pieters on Wonderful world of teething
Sent in: 26 November 2006

Hi Sylke!

I googled you (and it worked!), and lo and behold, a baby!
Congratulations! Certainly changes your life, doesn’t it? It’s a very
beautiful boy, I like the clever look in his eyes. Surprise, he’s almost the same age as our Sophie (april 8 this year.)! Sophie is utterly wonderful, and can be seen at

As for teething; we’re on to our third tooth now, and it seems to be getting better.

As for parenting, we try to stick to some simple rules: Don’t
believe a word of uninvited advice. Trust yourself:you know your own
child. When in doubt, see if it’s hungry. That covers most of it :-)
Oh, and don’t believe the internet-fora. Any of them.

Best wishes, and have fun with the baby. It’s one of the best things
that can happen to you. Well, it did to me. :-)


René Pieters

Gravatarsolistella on Still alive
Sent in: 9 October 2006

I know just how you feel! I have moved so many times in my life, each time swearing to never move again…

Right now I am sort of unpacking myself. I started working from home a couple weeks ago and I still have boxes on the floor. My home office is bigger than where I used to work, but somehow I have more stuff than will fit in here!

GravatarC. Buddha's Hasty Musings on On the move, yet again
Sent in: 25 August 2006

How to Make a Baby Stop Crying…

This is one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen. Those of you with babies (hint, hint, hint, and lord forgive me if I forgot anyone else’s child) might want to take note. I apologize that the video……

GravatarBetty on Contact me!
Sent in: 18 July 2006

Hi Sylke, Frank

Did not get a chance to congratulate you on the new born yet…so here Congratulations ;-)
Hope your pain is fading away day after day but I’m sure the pleasure he is giving you are above any pain.

See you…

GravatarAxel on Contact me!
Sent in: 12 July 2006

Hi Ihr zwei…
Die Webseite ist sehr schoen. Gratulation fuer den Wonneproppen. Auf den Fotos sieht er soooo ieib aus, aber wenn man so liest was Ihr veranstalten muesst, na denn gute Nacht. :-)

Ne aber ernsthaft, habt Ihr supi hinbekommen und es werden auch bessere Zeiten kommen :-) Ich werde mir mal ein langes WE nehmen und Euch dann mal besuchen kommen.

OKI… muss jetzt mal wieder was tun. Liebe Gruesse aus Dublin und bis die Tage mal.


Gravataranke on Blink and you miss it!
Sent in: 26 June 2006

I wish it was as simple in France ;-) We still don’t have French plates although we are getting closer. Obviously selling the cars was no option for us;
Check out my new site ;-)
Love Anke and co

GravatarLiz on Photo of the month – May
Sent in: 19 June 2006

What a sweetie. The first few months are the hardest (as far as the baby year goes).

He seems like a comfort nurser- and you, Sylke, are the human pacifier- in British terms, a human dummy. LOL! My niece was the same way.

Take care!


GravatarLiz on Hideous yet helpful
Sent in: 19 June 2006

Girl! Get yourself a baby sling- they’re the BEST!

This is a good one:

A lot of people like these:

Here we go- one in the UK and free shipping during the World Cup! Woot!

Good luck with everything, and little Yannick is absolutely GORGEOUS!



GravatarSteve on Hideous yet helpful
Sent in: 8 June 2006

Sounds about normal!

Our little one turns 1-year-old today. It is almost impossible to believe!

GravatarLiz on Like father like son
Sent in: 5 June 2006

OMG- so CUTE! He’s a little doll! Makes me want to have another one… almost.


GravatarLiz Woodring Rezes on First trip out of the house
Sent in: 31 May 2006


Congratulations again!

Get a sling for that little man, Sylke! They’re the best. Adrian used to take his naps in his sling when he was a newborn, while I played computer games. LOL! I even used to do the dishes, and all sorts of things wearing him. They’re doubly great if you’re breastfeeding- you can do that and do stuff around the house.

Your comment about the baby blues made me remember my one and only experience with them- my 5th and last day in the hospital (c-section- I stayed there as long as I could), I misordered my breakfast and all I got was a roll, and some orange juice. I was so upset I started crying. The nurse came in and said, what’s wrong honey? *sob* *sob* I messed up my breakfast!!! *wail* *wail* She quietly and gently left the room- LOL!

Take care and write!


GravatarbigO on Like father like son
Sent in: 29 May 2006

That amazing can we get a photo of the father holding the baby, both pulling up the eyebrow? That would be so cool :D

GravatarIrie on Japanese TV
Sent in: 26 May 2006

LOL! I’d never seen Japanese TV before… thanks for sharing :)

GravatarChristian on Contact me!
Sent in: 14 May 2006

Hi Ihr beiden. Glückwunsch zu Eurem Nachwuchs! Habe meinen monatlichen Blick auf Eure Homepage geworfen und … sehe Euch als stolze Eltern :o ) Hoffe, es ist so wie Ihr es Euch vorgestellt habt (oder sind die Nächte doch schlimmer?) :o ) Hatte gehofft, von Frank ein Lebenszeichen als Antwort auf meine emails zu bekommen, aber Bernd und ich dachten uns, dass Ihr zwei den Kopf (und die Hände) voll habt. Schickt mir mal eine gültige Tel.Nummer (Handy und Festnetz), dann können wir etwas ausführlicher reden :o ) Bis dahin … nicht die Nerven verlieren und bringt dem Kind nicht so viel Blödsinn bei :o )

GravatarHelen on First trip out of the house
Sent in: 13 May 2006

Hi Sylke and Frank! Again, congratulations! He looks great! (its a newborn thing!) Remember he was just in the oneness and all cozy and then the harsh life of earth! He is all about love and here to teach you! I am so happy for you! About the baby blues thing, yup, that was a real thing for me, but you do get over it! And, as far as holding him, its really good for him and you both, so do get a sling or cloth and tie him to you, then your hands are free to do! In latin american culture, they carry babies this way, in a reposa or rebosa, I gotta look it up. My oldest best friend is a professor of child dev. and she says its very healthy for baby to be carried about on your body, not in one of those car seat/buckets. Your movements and warmth and energy are good for Yannick! Lots of Love! Helen

GravatarJames & Kirstin Stevenson on Contact me!
Sent in: 11 May 2006

Hello Sylke & Frank!

Congrats on the new addition to your family!

Take Care xx

James (from Teletubby bunker)

GravatarYvonne on Yannick Willem arrived!
Sent in: 3 May 2006

Hi there,

Yannick looks adorable! Congratulations and enjoy :)


GravatarMichele Griffin on Contact me!
Sent in: 3 May 2006

Sylke, Frank,

Congratulations! He’s completely gorgeous & a lovely name. Wishing you not too many sleepless nights in the coming weeks. Take care,


Gravatarfreeblueplanet on Yannick Willem arrived!
Sent in: 2 May 2006

CONGRATULATIONS for a really cute job done!!!!!

GravatarSteve (& Jen) on Yannick Willem arrived!
Sent in: 2 May 2006

WAHOO!!! Congratulations!!!

GravatarPeter&Clare on Yannick Willem arrived!
Sent in: 2 May 2006

Whooo! Hoooo! a HUGE congratulations to all three of you. We are both so happy for you. He looks so sweet and adorable. Note the head of hair already!
Lots of love Peter and Clare.

GravatarKirstie on Contact me!
Sent in: 2 May 2006

Hi Sylke and Frank!

Congratulations on the birth of Yannick! (Great name!)
Good luck with the first few weeks!

Best Rgds,


GravatarMara on Contact me!
Sent in: 1 May 2006


FELICIDADES!!! I am so happy for you, and for the little one, finally he decided to join us in the outside world, can’t wait to see some pictures :) .

Chat with you soon in Yahoo, can’t wait to hear how it was, and you are feeling now, I am sure you are the happiest mommy in the world.

Kissed, and big hug,
Mara :)

GravatarUna on Still waiting
Sent in: 1 May 2006

Congrats Sylke and Frank on the arrival of Yannick, hope to see the photos soon :)

GravatarSteve (& Jen) on Still waiting
Sent in: 28 April 2006

Hang in there! Evan came a week early — your little one is just bringing the universe back into balance! We can’t wait to hear the news….

GravatarHeidi on Still waiting
Sent in: 28 April 2006

Hi Sylke,
Wir drücken die Daumen, dass alles prima läuft und ihr nicht mehr so lange warten müsst – ihr macht es ja ganz schön spannend :) . Naja, Gut Ding will ja bekanntlich Weile haben.
Alles, alles Gute,

GravatarNatalie on Still waiting
Sent in: 27 April 2006

Hey Guys, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that me and my boys are thinking of you. No matter what, there’s not long to go, so make the most of “quiet” time.
Can’t wait to hear the news.
All our love
The Blackwells!

GravatarLiz Woodring Rezes on Still waiting
Sent in: 27 April 2006

Hey, girl!

Glad to hear that everything’s going well- and that baby will come out when he/she wants to come out- LOL!

Take care, and I’ll check back for updates!


GravatarKristi Prengaman on Still waiting
Sent in: 25 April 2006

Hi Sylke! Glad to hear you are doing well – no worries about being overdue. Katie arrived 10 days “late” – and everything was just dandy. I think she was just a bit too comfy in there – wishing you the best!

GravatarYvonne on Contact me!
Sent in: 25 April 2006

Hi there,

I was thinking of you today and figured I’d drop you a quick line. I hear you’re still waiting on the little one to be born. I’m keeping fingers crossed that all goes well and that a healthy baby will be joining this world soon :-)

Keep us posted on any progress!

Greetings from Dublin,

GravatarJustin on Small annoyances
Sent in: 27 March 2006

Looks like you are having a run of bad appliance juju! On a related note, I actually had to look up the word “hob,” which was kind of humbling for a native English speaker.

Gravataranke on On the last leg
Sent in: 29 March 2006

Just went shopping today, at least in France combat prints seem to be very popular in the shops ;-)


GravatarDeborah Loughran on Contact me!
Sent in: 24 March 2006

Great blog! I wish I had as much going on!

GravatarG on Travelling around Ireland
Sent in: 23 March 2006


GravatarG on Travelling around Ireland
Sent in: 23 March 2006


GravatarIrie on Comments spam
Sent in: 22 March 2006

No comment! :)

Gravataranke on Some fun
Sent in: 21 March 2006

that pregnancytester is great, I’m pregnant ;-) , a girl and Jesse Jackson is the father. Please don’t tell Chris


GravatarSylke on I hate breakfast!
Sent in: 17 March 2006

Hm, the cooked stuff doesn’t do anything for me – too much work in the morning when I don’t want to use my brain. But cottage cheese with pepper and salt actually sounds quite appealing. Otherwise if anybody would like to apply as a chef for breakfast, please send application letters to… Eh, getting back to reality. I still have my one cup of coffee per day, but usually after I had something to eat. Can’t live without that!!!

GravatarIrie on I hate breakfast!
Sent in: 17 March 2006

For breakfast I like to eat fried eggs on toast, with the yolks a bit runny so the bread soaks it up. I like small tomatoes cooked english style and set on top of cottage cheese with lots of salt and pepper. I like bacon and eggs – okay, in my case it is fake bacon (aka facon) which is much better for the pigs AND for me. I like bagels with cream cheese…. and I like coffee. I suppose you aren’t drinking much coffee these days? :) I’m just rambling about breakfast (I have the munchies) but maybe you will get some breakfast-related inspiration from that.

GravatarMegan on SylkeWeb is back
Sent in: 10 March 2006

Yay, welcome back SylkeWeb! :)

GravatarFlora on On an island not so far away: Eastleigh
Sent in: 19 January 2006

Hi Sylke, that sounds great! I really envy you (especially England and the housewife thing :-) ..Glad to hear the moving is completed and everything went fine.
Ciao, Flora

GravatarHelen on The weather. What can I say.
Sent in: 2 December 2005

Hi Sylke! Wow! I forgot about wishing you a happy birthday! (one of the interesting things we share??!!) Mine is the 15th, is yours too? I hadn’t read your sylkesite for a while, great stories!!! I wish I could be there this month to help you! (I had thought of coming in December, but now, it may be March!) When again, is the baby due??
I was not online for a while, now have DSL at Darcy’s house. But I am going on an adventure of my own, must learn how to put up a website and post pictures! Your website is soooo great! Love, Helen

GravatarAlex Soojung-Kim Pang on New baby photos
Sent in: 29 November 2005

They’re rather clear pictures. Our first refused to stay still during any ultrasound; the first time she zipped around, so all we saw was a flash of a hand or a split second’s worth of leg. As a result, until she was born, we referred to her as “gyro-baby.”

GravatarSteve on New baby photos
Sent in: 23 November 2005

Great ultrasound photos! Take it easy moving those boxes….

GravatarJenifer Hackstadt on Is it a baby or two potatoes?
Sent in: 25 October 2005

Do you know if it’s a girl or a boy? Are you going to find out? If so, when will you know? We’re glad to hear that all is going well!!!

GravatarJohn on Recipe Comments or Questions
Sent in: 21 October 2005

Tasteful site! :-)

GravatarSteve on BIG NEWS II: Baby on its way
Sent in: 4 October 2005

Congratulations on the pregnancy!

GravatarMegan on BIG NEWS: England, here I come again!
Sent in: 1 September 2005

congrats to Frank, and to you for having the opportunity to leave Dublin. I’m sure many good things await.

On a side note, I hear that if you’ve ever lived in England, you can’t donate blood. If that’s true (maybe it is just an American thing), where do English hospitals get their blood? Is this why there is always a shortage of blood in the bank? Could this be what Morrissey was referring to when he wrote the song “Irish Blood, English Heart”? :D

GravatarSylke on Contact me!
Sent in: 29 August 2005

Hey Sylke,

I just found your website and it is funny what you found out about the name Sylke – as it is also my name.
This year I was in China and a very nice girl, which I met in Shanghai, wrote recently to me the Chinese explanation of “our” name and I thought it would be of interest for you.
My last name is “auf dem Graben” – just for you to understand how she has put together the Chinese name.

Zena wrote:
Aftering thinking hard for a long time, i finally come up with a beautiful
chinese name for you — 高君淼.The promunciation is Gau Jun Miau. Do you
still remember the four tones I told you? :) The first and second character
pronounces in the level tone and the third pronounces in the tone that
first down and then up. 高 comes from “Graben” in your name, and it is also a common family name in China. 君has the meaning of elegance,
righteousness, respect and honor. The primary meaning of 淼 is the vast area of water. Water has been the symbol of the combination of softness and firmness. Sylke sounds similar to silk and represents softness. Graben, I looked up in the german dictionary but maybe not very accurate, means the tunnels for battle, so it can represent firmness to some extent. That’s why I choose 淼 to fit them both.
I also got a name for you, according to the pronunciation of name. 诗伊嘉, pronounce as Schi Yi Jia. The three character all have the
meaning of beautiful, elegent and kind.

GravatarMegan on Who's that?
Sent in: 24 August 2005

I don’t see it…

GravatarTim Yang on RTFM
Sent in: 2 August 2005

Thanks for blogging about the wiki!

GravatarSylke (Admin) on Pink overkill
Sent in: 1 August 2005

Raffi: Yes, you can! :)

And if you log into the Photo Gallery and navigate to that picture, you can even find a better resolution version there.

GravatarRaffi on Pink overkill
Sent in: 1 August 2005

really great! can I use it for a painting?

GravatarRaffi on RSS feeds and updated Photos page
Sent in: 1 August 2005

Well done!
I past the time when I played on the web at night, but reading this brought it all back… maybe, … just maybe… – no, defo too lazy now for that!
Love reading about new ways all the time though, thanks :-)

GravatarMegan on Pink overkill
Sent in: 23 July 2005

beautiful – nice shot!

GravatarSylke (Admin) on Fucking knackers
Sent in: 21 July 2005

As it happens I’ll have to pay for the damage myself due to insufficient cover (stupid me), but it will only be the window after all, not the whole door. So on the positive side there is no risk for my no claims bonus to be affected. :)

GravatarHugh on Fucking knackers
Sent in: 21 July 2005

Exactly the same thing happened me a few years ago, shortly after an NCT. The damage to the door wasn’t fixable, and the garages were quoting about 1200 lids for a new door and labour. I claimed, thinking it wouldn’t afftect the no claims bonus – I’d been lead by my brokers to believe that a (limited) claim for malicious damage was OK. It wasn’t. I’ve changed brokers. The shites. So, beware!

GravatarSylke (Admin) on Fucking knackers
Sent in: 7 July 2005

So far I am still hopefull – apparently the company who ordered the new window glass for me usually gets the money straight from the insurance, who will then ask me for the report number from the Garda. So, let’s see.

GravatarMegan on Fucking knackers
Sent in: 6 July 2005

oh that SUCKS!!! bloody knackers. I suppose your car insurance doesn’t cover vandalism?

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